Lightning Ridge back to the Bush Rally 2022 — 7 Comments

  1. Ron, have printed off the itinerary but it gives no details as to camping, and as I have not been to any of the places between St George and Longreach, I am at a bit of a loss as to where to camp, my caravan is largely self contained, so can camp anywhere but would still like to have an idea

    • G’day Joe, if you go to the website and click on the flyer it has a second page headed accommodation/camping which gives you a fair variety facilities at the locations we are stopping at.
      Yours in service
      Ron J(Admin)

    • G’day Nancy, There is no problwm with Dogs as long as they are restrained as there is quite a few dogs that came along on the Tag, the only thing you would have to be mindful of is that if we go to a caravan park you would have to check if they allow dogs.
      Yours in service
      Ron J(Admin)

  2. I was around at some of the early LR rallies about 35 years ago. I’ll never forget having a cuppa at Jim & Mim’s place where Jim showed us how he cut and polished the opals. I’ll be back there again this year with Plumber John’s daughter Lucy. We’ll be setting up our music gear and singing some tunes for everyone hopefully on the Friday evening.

    • G’day Sharon, great to hear that you are coming back to entertain us at the Ridge. hope it brings back some good memories for you.
      Ron J (Admin)

  3. We were members of the original Lightning Ridge aa group that started the annual get together which led to the inception of the tag along.Havent missed many ofthe yearly celebrations since then,and intend being present this year.Wonder how mnany of the old timers are still around enjoying their sobriety? Jeannette and Paul,Gympie.Q

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