Naracoorte Caves AA Camp 2020 — 6 Comments

    • G’day Josine Sorry to inform you that we dont have a wait list as all we do is post any event that we can get a flyer for and so far we dont have one for that event. If we do get one we will most certainly post it and the contact details are usually on the flyer.
      Yours in Service
      Ron J (Admin)

    • Could you gather some sort of flyer ot info page so I can post it on our Website
      Yours in service
      Ron J (Admin)

  1. Hi is this camp date rescheduled? I hear through an informal grapevine that the camp is going ahead

    • G’day Lesley, I am not sure what is happening there, the only suggestion would be to ring their contact number and inquire as to what they are up to.
      Yours in sevice Ron J (Admin)

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