Tag-a-Long 2021 — 5 Comments

  1. Hi ron, bernie from melbounre, great you on the road again, i will hope to meet you at proston, do you have the meeting places in the diferent towns,where to meet or is this going to be posted at a later dated.

    regards bernie

    • G’day Bernie, thank you for your inquiry about the tag-a-long 2021. We have not looked at meeting places as yet as we are hopeing to have more camp fire meetingsalong the way. All the towns that have regular meetings on the trip we will be supporting. We will put a list out before the tag of those meetings.

  2. Hello Ron & Linda

    Was great to see you at the National Convention My friend & I are just looking at the tag a long but I can’t seem to get the map working properly.

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