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  1. Just wanted to say we were blown away by the support and fellowship you show to each other . We are not in affiliated with any group in anyway . Just two admiring tourists.
    We shared so much with you with trust and honesty and I’m sure we will meet again. Kind regards to all.
    Kathryn and Ray from Mildura

  2. Hi all tag along AAs and Al Anons. Feeling very excited about the next few weeks can any experienced tag-a longer suggest a good place to camp in St George. Looking forward to seeing you all next week. Marg

    • G’day Marg,
      There is a free camp at the weir as leave for Mitchell. There is also a place nrear the turn-off to Mitchell on the Bollon Road, it is a truck parking area. Also there is at least 1 caravan park.

  3. Hi Ron, I have had a change in plans and won’t be travelling that far north this year due to new commitments arising. I wish you all a wonderful tagalong, carrying the message, and will keep an eye out for future events.

    Yours in fellowship, Dorian M

    • G’day Morna
      No dont have any updates on Victoria like you we have to rely on the notices from the respetive Goves.
      Ron J (Admin)

  4. Hello, just want to confirm that we can do “ free camping “ all along the tag along route or do we have to book camp sites ?

    Looking forward to joining you,
    Jo & ray

    • G’day Jo,
      Most of the routes we travel have free camping along the way but if you decide you can book into a caravan park, we make our own choices along the way, it is up to each indevidual.
      Ron J(Admin)

  5. Just started making booking arrangements for camping at Lorne Station and got butterflies in Ma tummy. So looking forward to this. Steve b Nimbin

  6. Like to join, won’t make the start and will need to be back in Brisbane before the end, but nonetheless we are almost certainly going to Cobbold Gorge sometime in late June, so that sort-of fits in…….Lisa and I have a 15ft Adria Altea caravan, has it’s own shower and toilet, and towed by a 2WD petrol X-Trail…………….Let’s keep in touch…..Yours Jack (Bayside District)

    • G’day Jack,
      Dont see a problwm with the rig all roads we travel are sealed roads and you can join anytime along the way and leave as you wish.
      yours in service
      Ron J(Admin)

  7. hello all, my name’s Graeme and I’m an Alcoholic from Rockingham (Perth).I’m leaving Perth and heading north starting on May 18th. I should be around about Charters Towers on 6th 0f July. I’ll time it for then anyway. I would love to join for the Normanton leg. Where would I find you in Charters Towers? Cheers. GM

    • G’day Graeme,
      We are booked into stay at the Charters Towers showgrounds for our stay in the Towers.
      Yours in service
      Ron J (Admin)

  8. Vale
    It is with great sadness that we pass on that Paul M (of Paul & Rosie team)from Metung suddenly passed away this morning at 4.00am. We will miss his cheerfulness.
    Our hearts go out to you Rosie and we send you our heartfelt condolences. Lots of Love Ron and Linda

  9. I’m coming. After buying my brand new Ural side car last week I crashed and and wrote it off two hours later. I ended up in hospital for 5 days, I got a couple of days ago and have now bought a Mercedes camper van-same adventure different mode. I’m coming……..

  10. Hi is there a rally at lightning ridge this year, or just informal meetings. I can’t seem to find a ridge flyer.

    • G’day Diane,
      We have not been issued with a flyer as yet ouselves all we know at this stage is that after contact with the Lightning Ridge people is that it is going to be held on the long weekend. We will be posting the event on our Website as soon as we recieve a flyer.
      Yours in service,
      Ron J(Admin)

        • G’day Gypsy,
          There wont be a flyer for the ridge this year it is a meeting of friends around the camp fire is all I can tell you.
          yours in service
          Ron J (Admin)

  11. So excited, all booked in at Loren Station. The Ural has arrived in Australia just gotta clear customs and I’ll be on my way, how many others are leaving now for lightening ridge lol. I’m going the long way and will fill you in on my adventures.

  12. Hi Ron and Linda,
    Sue and I are looking forward to coming with you all from Lightning Ridge. Will need to book at Lorne Station I believe. Have tried to contact Lewis. Do we book direct? We have just bought a caravan and are hoping for support from the more experienced travellers. Looking forward to seeing you all again.. I have spoken to you all for so many years from the CSO.
    Chris B from Brisbane

    • G’day Chris,
      Good to see you are now setup to travel and hope you find it as rewarding as we did. We don’t have this years flyer so I am working off an old one however they don’t change much so the info should be the same, there are 2 numbers for Lorne Station, Lorne Station Office: 02)6829 1869. Homestead: 02) 6829 0253. Hope this is of help to you, there is also 5 other caravan parks in the Ridge and a hot bore bath that is free, an interesting town with tours of the town.
      Yours in service
      Ron J (Admin)

  13. Hi Ron.. I can offer some accommodation (shared) in Charters Towers if anyone contacts admin looking to have a bed

    • Thank you Debie, we will keep that in mind and pass it on at the meetings along the tag.
      Yours in service
      Ron J (Admin)

  14. Hi I’ll be joining at Lightning Ridge this year hoping to tag along as far as possible. Do I need to book a site at the Ridge?

    • G’day Fiona,
      Thanks for for your email, Lightning Ridge is held at Lorne Station where there is camping facilities but you will have to book a spot. There is also plenty of caravan parks to choose from if you prefer. The only number I have at this stage is Lewis, 0419 774 478, he woul dbe able to put you on the right path.
      Yours in service
      Ron J(Admin)

  15. Hello, I was very excited to find this tag along when I was browsing the AA website looking for another AA gathering. Do you have an idea how many people will be joining the tag along? I have travelled all the destinations listed in the last 2 years, but I like the idea of the travelling meeting. Tx for your response.

    • G’day Dorian, we never know how many we will get each year until the time comes. The last tag had between 50 and 60 on it, the one before 30 to 40 participated earlier one had had less however we never can tell untill the time comes, usually we get an idea from the Lightning Ridge rally as to how many will be on it.
      Yours in service
      Ron J (Admin)

  16. Hello. Is it possible to join the tag-a-long without a vehicle? Can I share trip expenses and ride with others?

    • G’day Michelle,
      Yes you can join that way if you can find a lift, it has been done before however you will have to find someone on the tag that has a spare seat. The best way to do that would be to attend one of the schedualed meetings and ask around.
      Yours in service
      Ron J (Admin)

    • G’day Robert, not that I am aware of. All the chosen roads are sealed according to the people who travel those roads regularly.
      Yours in service
      Ron J(Admin)

    • If you have family members in the fellowship there are meetings for Al-Anon as well as AA meetings. The only requirement is that you have a family member or relative in AA or Al-Anon.
      Ron J (Admin)

  17. We are interested in doing our first tagalong this year. Do I need to register to be part of this??? Just needing further information. Many thanks.

    • G’day Graham & Ann, the answere is, no, all you need to do is go to one of the meetings on the list and tag with us. If you join at the ridge just ask the members to point you to somone who is on the tag, or any other meeting you attend from the list.
      Yours in service.
      Ron J (Admin)

  18. Hi Ron & Linda
    My hubby Michael & I are planning on doing the Tagalong this year. This is our first . We have a Motorhome and are very excited & looking forward to it.
    See you in Lightning Ridge.

    • G’day Deb& Michael, should be a good one this year, look foeward to seeing you at the Ridge.
      Ron J (Admin)

    • Good on you Tok, hopefully some taggers will join you. Hope you and Reggie enjoy the whole experience. The Ural was new to me so I followed your suggestion and clicked on the link, will be interesting to see it on the road.
      Ron J (Admin)

    • Hi Tok. Disco Dave here. I’m thinking of doing all the tag a longs this year. As I don’t drive. I will be coming as an orphan again so I will need to go in peoples vehicles so if you know anyone can you let me know please my friend. My number is 0402561309. Cheers my good friend.

    • Hi Tok, Terry here the (fellow) motogp fiend. I’m planning to tag along also so hopefully we’ll catch up on the road

  19. Hi Ron
    Hopefully this is our year
    Any idea about Douglas -Daly or should I contact Darwin
    With Thanks

    • G’day Allan mate we have not heard anything from the top end as yet so you would be better off contacting Darwin eh! We are certainly looking forward to this tag.
      Ron J (Admin)

  20. G’day Ron,
    We just had a look at the itinerary and are feeling pretty excited about tagging along, God willing.
    Looking forward to catching up with you guys again.
    My regards to Linda.

    • Happy new year to you both. Nothing we would like better than to meet up with you again on the tag or any time, we are also looking forward to it eh!
      Ron J (Admin)

  21. Hi ron, bernie from melbounre, great you on the road again, i will hope to meet you at proston, do you have the meeting places in the diferent towns,where to meet or is this going to be posted at a later dated.

    regards bernie

    • G’day Bernie, thank you for your inquiry about the tag-a-long 2021. We have not looked at meeting places as yet as we are hopeing to have more camp fire meetingsalong the way. All the towns that have regular meetings on the trip we will be supporting. We will put a list out before the tag of those meetings.

    • Am still in lockdown in Melbourne. Can only travel 25 Ks at the moment from home in the Eastern suburbs. Don’t have a van but am interested in considering travelling in tandem if anyone else interested. would be considering economy accommodation or maybe a tent but am a bit rusty.camping wise- haven’t done a lot. Any chapter 6 people going.? Havent had a bike since sober. Not sure if I can get away at this time quite apart from lockdown restrictions. But am keeping an open mind.

  22. Hello Ron & Linda

    Was great to see you at the National Convention My friend & I are just looking at the tag a long but I can’t seem to get the map working properly.

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