Lightning Ridge to Winton Tag-a-Long 2024 — 1 Comment

  1. Hello Ray and Fellowship Friends of Bill W.
    My Australian wife and I have just heard about this incredible 12th Step Tag-a-long work and want to come and join you next year 2024.We live in the UK (London) so the planning has to start now!
    What we need the most help with is getting a 2 berth motorhome for at least 2 months (Toilet, Kitchen). Checking the Aussie options on the web makes it look expensive and complicated and I figure you may have some contacts or ideas that may help?
    We have an Elddis 2 berth 6 metre Autoquest in the UK so know what we’re doing over here. It’s probably a little different in QLD! If you have any thoughts how best we can make this happen, we would be most grateful to hear them.Good luck and happy trails

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