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  1. Hello Ray and Fellowship Friends of Bill W.
    My Australian wife and I have just heard about this incredible 12th Step Tag-a-long work and want to come and join you next year 2024.We live in the UK (London) so the planning has to start now!
    What we need the most help with is getting a 2 berth motorhome for at least 2 months (Toilet, Kitchen). Checking the Aussie options on the web makes it look expensive and complicated and I figure you may have some contacts or ideas that may help?
    We have an Elddis 2 berth 6 metre Autoquest in the UK so know what we’re doing over here. It’s probably a little different in QLD! If you have any thoughts how best we can make this happen, we would be most grateful to hear them.Good luck and happy trails

    • G’day Ray,
      Don’t have any contacts in that field all I can do is post your comment and see if someone with more knowledge than myself can help out with your request for help. Meanwhile I will ask around the people I know and see if one of them might be able to make some suggestions.
      Your in service
      Ron J(Admin)

  2. Hello, this is goes out to anyone attending, My names Max. 21 years old (male) Over from Scotland. i am currently backpacking Aus from and planning on coming along for the whole Tag-Along. If anyone would be up for letting me hitch a ride at anytime during, it’d be greatly appreciated!
    Coming from Sydney if anyones driving from there. My number is +61424627027. Thanks you.


    • G’day John,
      There is the Aramac Shire Caravan Park & Camping Grounds. Payment can be made at the council Office or book through the Aramac Library, Gordon Street. Phone (07) 4652 9999
      Exchange Hotel Caravan Park at Torrens Creek, Phone (07) 4795 5990.
      Hope this helps, if we can help in any way feel free to ring.
      Yours in service
      Ron J(Admin)

  4. Hi, I am planning to join the Tag-a-long for my first time this year.
    Do we leave Lightning Ridge on Monday 12th?
    How can I register and book a powered site at Lorne Station?
    Looking forward to it all, especially meeting my fellow trudgers.

    • G’day Frances,
      We usually do leave on the Monday morning and head to StGeorge camp over night then head to Mitchell. If you rong either Ian on 0427 949 643 or Rata 0481 313 207, they would be able fill you in on the contact number of Lorne Station.

      • Hi

        Where is the St George camp you mentioned? Is it something that needs to be booked? Thank you

        • G’day Romi, we usually camp jus about 5Klk past the weir.
          There is a truck stop on the left as you head to Mitchell were we stop, away from the trucks a bit so we can have a fire and hold a meeting.
          When you are at the ridge there will be people who have done it before, try to link up with one eh!
          Yours in service
          Ron J(Admin)

  5. G’day Ron, greatly enjoyed the tagalong last year except for a hiccup or 2, even though I had to pull the pin at Winton, plan on doing the full tag this year, and will be better prepared for the cold, I am having some difficulties navigating the web sites, so can you tell me when the Lightning Ridge weekend starts

  6. Being a newbie and travelling on my own it would be helpful to know information re accomodation? How does this work? I have a campervan and unsure from the details on this page whether I’m researching and booking my own in advance or the group as a whole has places booked. Just needing to start to put plans in place and mind at ease. Thanks

    • G’day Romi, mate the people on the Tag normally look after their own accomodation as we go. Some do free parking others who need power go to parks and we try to have a meeting point for the meetings. We usually talk to each other as we go, however on this Tag we have the Possum Park booked in Injune as a member got it at a good rate & it has a meeting venue. Hope this helps.
      Yours in service
      Ron J(Admin)

    • Possum Park in Injune
      $20 p/n power, water hookup,showers & flushing toilets
      $10 p/n unpowered, showers & flushing toilets

      Powered sites need to be booked through Ivan 0437 176 411

    • G’day Heather, great to hear thet you will be on this years Tag-a-long, look forward to meeting you.
      Yours in service
      Ron J(Admin)

    • be well prepared for very cold nights, I wasn’t prepared on last years tag, and the cold forced me out at Winton

  7. will be with you for the tag a long this year. will it link with any events happening in the NT this year?

  8. I am planning to be a part of the trip this year. Seeing it is my first, any suggestions of what people have found handy to travel with would be appreciated. I will be in my campervan.

    • G’day Romi, mate that is a hard question as everyone has different needs. As for myselfe I make sure that I have plenty of gas,hose for filling tank,plenty of tucker.
      Ron J (Admin)

    • G’day Thomas thank you for your contact we will be happy to have you along, hope it is everything you hoped for, stay well.
      Yours in service
      Ron J (Admin)

    • G’day Ray glad you enjoyed the tag in 2022 our hope is that you will enjoy the 2023 one as much or more, look forward to seeing you again.
      Ron J (Admin)

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