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  1. It is with Great sadness we hear of the passing of Lyn from Foster. Deepest Condolences to her family and friends. What a privilege to have known this beautiful lady. An inspiration to us all. R.I.P Beautiful girl. Peter and Rhonda , Cooloola Cove.

  2. Hi Ron..We have had a problem with our motorHome and some parts need to come from Italy. It looks as if we will miss the start of the Tag A Long – however hopeful imtenting joining up latter along the road.

    • G’day Bob,
      sorry to hear about the Motor Home problems, hope you are able to overcome reasonabley quick so you can join the tag.
      Ron J (Admin)

  3. G’day All,
    On behalf of the Tag-a-long committee we would like to say a big thank you to all those who made the journey and helped to make this Tag as good as it was, there is no doubt that the sharing and fellowship was as good as you could get. There was also a wonderful response from the proffesional community in three of the towns we went through.
    All of the groups that we supported along the route expressed a desire to have us back again which will happen in the future, all the feedback has been very positive.
    Ron J

  4. This may be a AA Tag-a-long, but as a AL-anon member i was grateful to be able to make time for some al-anon members in the bush. It was a great tag-a-long with 72 in Mitchell Tuesday night for Dinner. I was glad o see a lot of new members and old. I was glad to see members pop in tag-a-long as the could. I had a grewat time of fellowship,

  5. I was sad when I read CRO new to day of pass Col Kennedy last week. Col was one of the early member of the outback 62 years sobriety at his passing.I first met him at St Pat meeting all most 30 years ago at Rockhamton . he was true gentleman like lot of older member he palyed a special part in my sobriety I will not forget. Rest in peace old mate.


    Have just received news that old Frank from Cairns passed away on Wednesday. His funeral is tomorrow (Saturday) at 10am at St. Monica’s Cathedral in Cairns. Frank was 38 years sober.

  7. The Tag-a-long is over for another year. We would like to thank all those who travelled on the tag-a-long and helped to make it the success that it was.It was wonderful to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.
    We hope to see you again in 2019.
    Tag-a-long Organising Committee.

  8. Hi! Gang, Peter and Rhonda here in Mount Isa relaxing for a couple of days, before heading to Darwin. Tag along is over for another year. What a great time we had catching up with old friends and making new ones. Most interest from the professional field that we have seen for many years. Congrats to Di and the outback district for all the hard work they put in to make these events possible. Hope to see you all again next year. Keep well Peter and Rhonda.

    • Thanks for your comments they are valuable to us here at the website.
      Yours in service
      Ron J (Admin)

    • Hello Peter & Rhonda Thanks for the great feedback. It is always a team effort to do these type of things and the more that help the better.

  9. It was decided at the Wednesday Meeting in Roma, that year is the 60th year of AA.
    It was decided to celebrate the 60th year of AA in Roma on the 13th of June
    2018 as part of the Tag a long. The Night will be as followed Meal at the Bowls 6pm
    followed by a meeting at 8pm Council Hall in Bungil St Roma. For Further information Contact Jim 0746226059 or Darryl on 0746237298.

  10. We had a great weekend at Toowoomba Weekend. The rain came down and every one had a great time. We met up we a lot of our friends. It was sad to see Sailor John have to go to Hospital. The best part of the weekend was we were all together at the showgrounds.If anyone wanted to go to a meeting before the the weekend it wasn’t far to travel. All going going well, everything going alright, God wiling I will be there Next Year You can come in early to the Showgrounds and set up before the Weekend.To all making this weekend poosible we would like to say THANK YOU.

    • Glad to hear you and rose had a great weekend in Toowoomba big D,regardless of the weather. I saw on Facebook that a few of the Queenslander taggers went along for the weekend. Sue and I are missing all you guys and are certainly looking forward to seeing you all again next year. I hope that all is well with you guys
      including sailor John.
      Say hello to Rose for us and keep well Daz.
      Stuie from Bendigo.

  11. I am sad to say that Dee from Dubbo has passed away wed 10.30am. Dee & Barry have been Tag-a-long people. I will never forget the first time I meet Dee & Barry
    also Bundy who has also passed away recently. I am not going to go on as most of you who knew Dee will know when I say she will sadly missed I mean it. Barry is in my thoughts along with all his Family. I don’t know when the funeral is at this time, but if I hear I will let you know. May God look after all Dee’s loved ones. God bless you all. Love Rose & Darryl you will be sadly missed by us.

  12. Hello Ron like to send you a copy of our trip up the canning Stock Route don’t have your Email the plan is to leave on the 20 June 2018 so if you wat more information than that I would send you a copy of all the dates

  13. G’day,
    With humble gratitude the Morven Group extends a huge thank you to all those who attended our 22nd annual rally. This year was the biggest so far and we really appreciate all those who supported us and helped out over the rally.

    • Hi Ron and Linda and all fellow taggers
      Just wanting to say thankyou to everyone for the fantastic time .
      This was my first Tag a Long and loved every minute of it
      Back home now and trying to settle using one day at a time slogan as looking sooo forward to doing it again next year
      Was lovely being part of a travelling fellowship and simply loved the outback even the smelly artesian water.

      • Thanks for your email Sue, great to hear that you enjoyed it and are looking to the future.
        Ron J(Admin)

  14. G’day all,
    As members of the organising committee for the Outback Tag-a-Long we would like to thank all those who participated and helped on this years Tag-a-Long and made it the success that it was. There were successful public information meetings along the way with 12th step work being carried out as well. Pamphlets and books were distributed and well received in that there has been a request for more.

  15. What a lovely afternoon I have had reading of your Tag-a-Long. Have done the Douglas Daly Tag-a-Long with Terry B. back in 2004 with my Ford Courier, and had a wonderful time with Meetings each night around a camp-fire, sing-a-long, etc. under the stars. Our Fellowship has no Boundaries, full of love, caring and, sharing, you name it. Thank you for your Web Page, Yours in Fellowship, Elizabeth, Chelsea Group, Victoria.

    • Thank you for your comment, it is wonderful to hear from people who have participated in the past.
      Ron J (Admin)

  16. Trying to correct notice of event under NT – Bill W Camp – but website won’t let me send a message under “Contact us”.
    Terry B’s number is incorrect (last 3 figures wrong) – should be 0418 895 007.
    Cheers Bob W 08 8985 2599

    • G’day Bob, just to let you know that the comments page has been checked and appears to be working correctly, however i was not available to be here yesterday due to personal reasons therefore could not do anything to the website till now.
      Yours in service
      Ron J (Admin)

  17. Just thought I’d drop you a line. Christopher and I will be trying to get to the ridge this year but due to my work commitments and my mothers ailing health I may not even get there. I noticed a couple of weeks ago someone was asking about taking children. My son Christopher was 11 at that time last year and I had a look work to do when I arrived in Mitchell. I would have to say I was concerned that I would be annoying people with my son. To my surprise, though I should not be surprised, my sponsor always said a member you don’t know is just a friend waiting in the wings, everyone we encountered welcomed us with open arms. We were truely grateful for the support given to us and the fun we were able to have. That 5 weeks was just as valuable a learning experience for my son as it was a lesson in sobriety for me. It will not be the last tag along I do. I just have to wait til Christopher gets too old to want to be with his mum! I wouldnt have any qualms about taking kids, thanks for the love and friendship we experienced.

  18. Hi, here is a couple of long overdue comments regarding a couple of fellowship functions I attended this year.
    Firstly to the Annual Australia Day Weekend held in Dalby on 28th & 29th January – It was fabulous to finally be back in Dalby for their weekend after an 8 year spell from attending these weekends. I just wish to say a huge thank you to all of those who helped put the weekend together. I really enjoyed the meetings, fellowship, great food and spirituality throughout the weekend. It was also wonderful to see the fellowships of both AA and Al-Anon working together in harmony over the weekend.

    The other event I attended was the Far Western District AA Meeting held in Roma on the 18th February – It is fantastic to see the District thriving again and simply wonderful to have 7 groups now participating in the District. What was a delight to see at the District gathering in Roma was that all 7 of these groups were represented. We had our meet and greet at 5pm and it was wonderful to meet new members as well as catch up with familiar friends. A beaut productive district meeting was next, followed by some great food and fellowship. Then we all joined the Roma group for their usual Saturday evening meeting. All in all a super get together combining fun and fellowship with love and service. Thanks to all that attended and made it what it was.
    I look forward to seeing you all again in June at Morven. Cheers :-)))

  19. Vale Monte Tilse alias Snow from Alpha. This was a man I loved dearly and I loved his wife Daphne. It was great to share times with them both. I remember the Alpha Weekends with Snow, Jim A and there partner, we used to drive out to Alpha for the weekend that had 200 approx. I know when I went to see Snow & Daphne 2 years ago Snow Asked me where I came from. I can still see Snow in a wheelchair with Brett pushing him down the street to the Back to Alpha Weekend it was 20yrs after there weekend folded.Snow and Daphne have played a big part in my life. Snow went to great lengths to carry the message to the Alcoholic.I will always remember Snow came to Tanyalla Weekend with Kevin from Injune we made them a big lunch to keep them going until they got home Snow asked Kevin if he could have a sandwich at Blackwater and Kevin said no as he had eaten it all. Snow called him a gusts. I believe Snow is still a work as the night before his funeral 5 members 12 stepped a Alpha Man. May God Bless you all and Keep you safe , plus all the loved ones

  20. The funeral of Snow T a long time member of the Alpha Group in Central Qld who passed away last night will be held on Tuesday 17th January at 10.00am at the Catholic Church,23 Dryden Street Alpha.

  21. I am sad to say that we have lost Snow from Alpha tonight at 8.30pm, I don;t know when the funeral is. I will let you know when i hear.

  22. New Year’s Day at Crab Creek.
    What a Great day with about 40 AA and Al-Anon members turning up.
    Members came from Brisbane to Bundy, one member only 2 weeks out of Rehab.
    The sharing was from the heart . Then we had a BBQ lunch with more sharing among members.
    We passed the hat around and raised $155 for the Outback fund.
    Many thanks to Fred and others who brought their instruments along for a sing-a-long.
    Hope to see you all again next year.
    Cooloola Cove.

  23. Hi one and all. It is coming up to Christmas again. I hope you all have a wonderful
    Christmas and New Year holiday. I know when I came to fellowship I hated Christmas because it was always a sad time for me, today I have a different outlook on Christmas, my programme has taught me to have a different outlook on what this means in my life and today I don’t have to take on anyone’s bad behavior I only have to look at mine, because I know I am not always right. I have had a wonderful year even though my Mother passed on and a lot of my friends have all gone. Today i pray for them, but most of all I pray for our family of the sick and suffering, The dry drunks that they get the programme, the angry also. Today I have a peace that is great, by taking the Steps into my life, I don’t have to criticize or have to mean because that is what my programme tells me. I don’t have to be mean to slippers as I sometimes loose it.But toady I have a love of my higher power whom I choose to call God.
    On Tuesday Night I was reading out of the books we read and the question was asked in the reading is AA the foundation of you life Today or is it just something you do part time. This question I think we can all think about, because I know for myself AA is the foundation of my life in AA and out. In closing congratulations to Ian [ Roma] on his engagement.

  24. This was great reading and i will try and make it next year. I did pass through that way this year, but i had other stuff to do and did not know about your tag a long.
    All the best.
    Gary W Shepparton
    Chapter Six Motorcycle Group

  25. Hi everyone, I am glad to sayI went to the Murwullimba Rally. It as a great weekend ,
    I saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen for awhile and met a lot of new people. With the showgroud being only $20 per might.we had a good time with having Markets onsite before the meeing. Then our Grandchildren were at the coast so we saw them too.
    Grandad & I went to Dreamworld on the Monday as well. We had a week away so it has been great for both of us.

  26. Hi all,

    Here I was thinking and writing that the district was called the outback district now see that it is Far Western District. Plan on attending the next meeting.

  27. I am glad to say we had a wondeful time at the Gympie Weekend, meeting up with lots of people we hadn’t seen for awhile and the shareing and caring was excellent.

    • Sorry I missed it needed to rest up in Ipswich to help me recover from my feet operation and get prepared for work.

  28. I am sad to hear of one of the ladies that came on the Tag-a-long Marion has lost her battle with Caner, our prayers and thoughts go to Frank

  29. Hi, Outback Members,
    How was the BBQ and meetings at Dulacca?

    Peter, Cooloola Cove

    • G’day Peter & Rhonda,
      Great to hear from you, the BBQ and meeting at Dulacca was a great success as the Far Western District was brought back to life again. Food was great and fellowship tops and the trip home allowed my wife and I to attend the Roma meeting on the way home so we camped at the big rig caravan park, returned home the next morning.
      Ron J (Admin)

  30. Mostly you see camels walking in a line, A Tag-along, but in this insistence they were in a group.
    This year our group was like the camels, some here, some there. A member of our Cooloola Cove group had never been to Lighting Ridge, so we packed up our swags and headed out there. What a Great weekend. Great food, Great company, Great Fellowship. The meetings were well attended, over 180 people, sharing from the heart. Cricket, golf, mine tours, bore bath, meetings around the camp fire and at their home meeting place. Well done to the Ridge gang.

    I had to go home and unfortunately missed the Mitchell weekend. Picked up the wife and headed to Morven. The Rec Grounds are a good camping spot where we had more camp fire meetings, BBQ’s etc. There were also 2 days of meetings and great food in the local hall. Many thanks to the Morven Group.

    Then we were off to Tambo. What a COLD place to live, but another Great meeting. Next we spent 2 days in Blackall with 2 of my sisters and their families. After recharging my body in the Bore Bath we headed off to Barcaldine, Winton and Longreach. At the Longreach meeting we had 2 social workers attend. They were very impressed with our program. There was also a member who had not been to a meeting for awhile, came along and renewed their commitment to sobriety.

    Next we headed to Alpha caravan park. What a beautiful little spot. Meetings in the hall and around the camp fire. Stew and damper in the camp oven. Yum, Yum.

    Rubyvale BBQ and meeting was our last stop. Thanks for a great day. Then it was time to pack up, say our goodbyes to old and new friends and head home.

    Next years Tag along will be here soon enough, so if you would like a GREAT time, get on the OUTBACK AA website and Tag-along.

    Once again a BIG Thank you to all involved in making the Tag-along possible.

    Kind Regards,
    Peter Cooloola Cove.

    • Thanks Peter for your encouraging comments, glad to see you enjoyed the tag-a-long.
      Yours in service Ron (Admin)

  31. Well it is nearly tag-a-long time We are looking forward to all who come. It is sad that some of you can’t come [maybe next year]. All stay safe and travell well. One Day at a Time.

  32. I am sad to say Kath has lost her battle in life. I will always remember Kath for her wonderful smile and you may remember her for all the pies and cakes she used to make for all of us from Lightning Ridge, Mitchell, and Morven. Kath will be greatly missed by us all who knew her, may God Bless Her. We are looking forward to seeing Sam at the Ridge and maybe Mitchell and Morven too, where we can share some time as distance does not allow us to be with him know. May he find all the help he needs now.

    • Hi big d.Thank you for your kind words ,regarding my wife Kath, I miss her very much,we traveled around Australia for a lot years,thanks to the AA programme ,meeting people, and meetings like lighting ridge Mitchell morgen and the people who run them, I hope to be back on the road in 2017 looking forward to see you all again soon. Sam the rock

  33. it is sad to see this page not being used to communicate with each other. It is coming up to tag-a-long time, we have had a few calls to ask what is happening at Mitchell.
    I can tell you all that what we do will be fun and fellowship, we are looking forward to you all coming. A program for your time here at Mitchell will be written up.
    On a sad note we have got Sam’s Wife Kath, in the last stages of her life, all we can do is pray for Sam.

  34. VALE

    It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Keith B., a very valuable member of Outback Queensland.

    Keith passed away on the 12th February 2016 at the age of 81, after a 3 month battle with cancer. Keith was born in the small country town of Taroom, got sober in Vanuatu where he spent numerous years carrying the message before moving back to Taroom to take over the family farm. He then became the contact member for Taroom.

    Keith always loved the get togethers with other members and many a fellowship weekend has been held in Taroom on his farm as well as in the community of Taroom.

    He had a very lively sense of humour and plenty of yarns to share about his escapades. He will be sadly missed by all members who knew him.

  35. Hello to all and Welcome to the new year, 2016. It’s time to get back to business for many, (including myself) in 2016.
    Just wanted to drop in a quick note from the Website admin, John, from JCH Computers.
    Ron, Linda and I set about upgrading this site for Outback AA late last year. The old one we agreed just didn’t really cut the mustard for this day and age, and I believed we could do much better for you all.
    We knew it needed to be easy to get around, make sense, look pretty/easy on the eye, and most of all, easy for Ron to add events and keep updated.
    I hope you agree this has been achieved.

    Ron and Linda have been terrific to get along with and have made the whole process very easy to do with their input and assistance getting all the assorted information together.
    Personally, I am very happy to help and support this very worthwhile organisation.
    Please contact either Ron or myself if you have any suggestions for the site, or notice a problem with it. Thank you.
    John Haddock

  36. I’d like to thank all people who have visited us over the year. I know Rose and I loved the fellow-ship you have shared with us. Reflecting on Christmas, This is a time for receiving and giving. I know as members of both fellowships we have been given gifts all year. I would also wish all those travellers that can’t be with us on the Tag-a-long, best wishes for Christmas and the coming year. One of our special memories for this year was back to Alpha, and to see Brett wheeling Snow down the street to the Meeting. Also having the camp fire with Snow and Bushy all singing. It was great to see Daphne from Al-Anon in full flight with all the people she hadn’t seen for awhile and the smile on her face. If Pete from Wollongong is coming to the Tag-a-long we may have to start collecting wood 2 months early. I hope that everyone in AA & Al-Anon & their families have the best Christmas possible and may you all be happy one day at a time. May God Bless you all and you all are in our prayers. It has been great to read the messages on the web. God Bless You All.

  37. What a great website. Congratulations. I can see how it must improve communications in the bush. My wife and I met Daryl and Rose and Ron and Linda around 2004 when we travelled in that area with our caravan. Since then I have done some contract work throughout Queensland and made sure that we got to the Mitchel and Morven Meetings while we were in that area. We were fortunate to have been up that way again in August and had some wonderful fellowship and sharing with Ron and Linda. It is fantastic to be able to travel in retirement and find people to share with. Thank you so much, Outback Queensland, for your hospitality and the security of knowing the doors are always open. Rod from Bolton Point Big Book, Steps and Topics meeting NSW

  38. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up!
    I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later.
    Many thanks

  39. Hi fellow members and those that would view this sight. I job well done on the web site, looks really good and heaps informative. I have been to Lightening Ridge Weekend AA rally now for 20 years and have always seen this weekend and the tag-along as the greatest part of my AA yearly Calendar. If you’r are an Alki and haven’t done this before you are really missing out on this great outback getaway. The last 10 years or so I have expanded the tag-along to include Mitchell and Morven and on two occasions I have continued on to Darwin. Last year 2015 was a great trip with the recent Ruby Vale and Safire and Emerald inclusion. Daryl and Rosie at Mitchell and Ron and Linda at Morven do a great job for those that travel to these meeting destinations and beyond. I have always felt very much part of their AA family and I believe it is up to us to carry the message to those in the outback that have a tough time in more ways than one, we in suburbia don’t know how lucky we are when we can go to as many meetings as we need. These tag-alongs are great for those that have a fear of the vast outback distances, or those that haven’t been into the outback before and those that are not confident to travel alone. We look out for one another, free camp together on the way, caravan parks, meetings under the stars, moving from one destination to another. You will never see the outback in the same way with your AA traveling group, meeting new and old AA members travelling from afar to attend these meetings and the friendships you will make on the way at the campfire meetings and meals we share. I am already getting excited to attend the 2016 rally and Tag along. See you there next year God willing. Burke Rogge (Home group: Glenbrooke Blue Mountains NSW)

  40. I am sad to say that one our old time Members has passed away. Vale Brickie Jack.
    Brickie Jack was one of the members who drove from Sydney to Mitchell to carry the message to the suffering alcoholic, This was when the Mitchell Meeting was started
    in the late 50’s. Jack will be sadly missed

  41. The trip to Tambo was welcomed by the new member and a great day was had by all, thankfully the trip up and back was uneventful so we arrived home in one piece with no extra dints. The new member also attended the Morven meeting on the 18/10/2015, this was a great response from him.

  42. This weekend a group of members from Mitchell, Morven &Charleville will be travelling to Tambo to fellowship with a lone member out there who has attended meetings at Morven recently. There is also a possibility of another prospect attending our BBQ and fellowship.

  43. Hi everyone. We have just come back from the Gympie Al-Anon & AA weekend. It was a great Weekend and did you know this only the last of yearly weekend that are still being held between Gympie and Townsville which is sad as we used to have at least 7 more weekends. We hope this weekend does’nt die ,as if it does we will have to go to one of the bigger Cities. It was great to have a travelling Member come to the meetings here . It was also great to see a young man in Roma Meeting bring his Granfather to the meeting who is 56 yrs sober. love in fellowship

  44. It was lovely to see a member on the way back from Darwin, it has been lovely to see other visitors on their way back to. Love to hear from more members out there. One day at a time, by the grace of god.

  45. Morven group had the pleasure of a member and his wife from NSW call through our town and spend a couple of days fellow-shipping with us & stayed for our Sunday meeting on the 2/08/2015.

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